How to get called a c*** in Cambridge

Step 1: Publish an article which is critical of drinking societies on the Cambridge Tab.

Step 2: There is no Step 2.


These guys don’t like me very much

It’s interesting that the drinking society guys in the comments have changed their line of argument. Normally they’ll say ‘haha guess you weren’t invited’ – which I wasn’t, and for a while I used to want to be (past Tim was a questionable character). I thought I’d call that out for the bullying it was, and also because it reinforces¬†exactly¬†the point I was making in the article. When you start playing the ‘you’re just jealous’ game, you’re admitting that the exclusivity of drinking societies is a status thing, and nothing to do with just wanting to go out with your mates.

Now they’re trying to shut it down by saying the discussion is old, boring, etc – which is clever, and might actually work. Well done, guys.


But at least some people are seeing right through it

Oh, and this one is particularly fun:



3 thoughts on “How to get called a c*** in Cambridge

  1. What makes you think that its just ‘drinking society’ guys commenting? Quite a lot of people genuinely think you’re pretty insufferable. Maybe if you tried being less of an attention whore you might change people’s minds.

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